The lowest quote may not be in your best interest...

 The Insurance Claim Process

Insurance, by law, must pay fair market value to restore your home if storm damage has occurred. It is difficult and illegal to profit from insurance proceeds. The insurance companies have developed a complex system that must be adhered to. The most important thing is that your property is restored to a good or better condition than before the catastrophe. In order for that to happen your claim MUST be properly adjusted. Most contractors are not properly educated on how to assist you on your insurance claim. If  your claim is improperly adjusted, they may end up cutting corners to win your business.

Our representatives are properly trained and our owner(Marty Miller) has over 35 years experience as a licensed adjuster

Properly adjusting your claim is extremely important so it is imperative to have your contractor meet with the insurance adjuster. Two heads are better than one, that way noting gets missed. It's easy to overlook a section of a wall flashing that should be replaced, or a satellite dish that will nedd to be re-turned or landscape protection that should be allowed - or a thousand dollar item. Properly adjusting your claim is extremely important and your insurance company will pay to have the repairs completed correctly without cutting corners.

BEWARE of contractors that promise you money left over, insurance fraud is serious business!

Central Oklahoma Roofing, all Storm related Damage and over 35 years of insurance claims experience.